Tuesday 18 July 2006 : Conclusion of a student's personal project

I don't think I will update this emulator any longer, so I would like to leave a few words for the end of the Girlfriend Advance story. The end of a project, even unfinished, is not always a sad thing. I am satisfied and happy that I could implement it that far, Girlfriend advance already reached the goals that I wanted to reach.

This project was originally started for fun as an experiment, but it surprisingly changed the course of my life : After I was graduated from the university, I took some holidays and visited Taiwan. Once I was there, someone knew me as the author of this emulator and proposed me a job as a Gameboy Advance programmer. Since then I worked in Taiwan as a game programmer on a lot of projects (not only GBA).

I am now living a happy life in Taiwan with my wife (that I couldn't meet without the Girlfriend Advance project). I am currently starting my own game development studio in Taiwan.

I would like to thanks all the persons that encouraged me on this project. It was a lot of fun and happy memories.

Thank you ~~ ^_^

Tuesday 28 May 2002 : "EuropAsia" Preview

screenshots taken by kompresso
Hi, I released this little demo. It is a Chinese<->english dictionnary for the Gameboy Advance. It use the CEDICT project database (Chinese English DICTionnary). This is the BIG5 version. If it interest you, I can do the GB version too. This version is a preview. Later (I don't know when), I will add some usefull options. I need feedback to know if it interest people or not. If not, I won't spend time on it. Bye, karma.

Wenesday 22 May 2002 :

The BIG5 chinese resources has been added to the package, The person who translate the resources is Calvin, for Taiwan. Actually, the user interface can be viewed in french, english, and BIG5 chinese.

Monday 20 May 2002 :

Version 0.05 of Girlfriend Advance Released. Today, I decided to release a new version of Girlfriend Advance. A lot of bugs have been fixed in the cpu and in the gfx engine : the compatibility is really better. The software interface is totally different of the version 0.04 : I decided that Girlfriend Advance should not be used into a web page, so the possibility to use it as an applet has been removed. Girlfriend advance is a SERIOUS software for developers, who don't need to use it on a webpage. I hope you will enjoy this version. please read the readme.txt and the copyright.txt for more details.

Monday 25 March 2002 :

Another little project will come out ... No comments, just a screenshot (surprise) :

Monday 11 february 2002 :

Happy new chinese year ! (新年快樂 ! ^_^).

Monday 21 january 2002 :

Gfa now seems to handle interrupts correctly, some bugs were removed, and some commercial roms works (I didn't test them all).
The screenshot section has been updated. I hope it tells you more than my technical description.
I think I will remake all the GUI of Gfa for the next release. I think I will use swing. Be patient.

Wenesday 26 december 2001 :

I wish you a Merry Chrismas !
The screenshot section have been updated with screenshots of gfa-v0.04.

Wenesday 19 december 2001 :

Work in progress :
  • The interrupt mecanism is partially emulated.
  • I still try to make the bios work on gfa.
  • 2 special features will be added soon (no more info now).
  • A flower section has been added to my site.

    Wenesday 19 december 2001 :

    Again a little update : added an explicit cpsr viewer (at the bottom of the picture). There are still some exams to work ...

    Monday 17 december 2001 :

    A small update : I added a bigger window to see the code. I still have to study for my exams ...

    Monday 10 december 2001 :

    I work on the interrupt handler, but I have to stop until holiday because there are some important exams coming. Below is a picture of the boot of the bios of the gba (with a few bugs). The boot hang because it waits after a v_blank interrupt occurs.

    Monday 3 december 2001 :

    I made a disassembler for the instructions of the GBA's CPU and added it to the program. Now, it will be really more easy to see what's happen during the execution of the GBA programs.

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