Frequently Asked Questions

What is it ?

Girlfriend Advance is a tool I made for the development for the GBA system. It is for now just an emulator but it can already be used for debugging the programs that you write for the GBA. This tool is not designed for gaming at all. If you want to play to a GBA game, it is better to buy a real GBA system and some real games.

Girlfriend Advance is made in Java. From the beginning, Girlfriend Advance was designed to be Open Source and provide a clear description for the programmers about how the GBA is working and how to program it. For that reason, all the new versions of Girlfriend Advance are provided with the complete and fully commented source code.

How to use it ?

You much have at least the Java Development Kit 1.3 installed on your computer. However the latest one is recommended, you can find it on Once it is done, try this command :

java GfaApplet -help

If you have a question, fell free to ask it to me via email.