About the author

I'm a 24 old years french student in Master degree of Computer Science in Grenoble university (France). My real name is Vincent Cantin, and my nickname is karma. My hobby is learning chinese, doing some photos of flowers and landcape (in Grenoble, only montains), and coding a lot of stuffs.

One of my specialities is "Computer Graphics". Last year, I made a raytracer in a few weeks, and some realtime shadow effects witch can be seen on the webpage on the laboratory iMAGIS. During my Master, I was working on combining together "Vision" and "IA" in the PRIMA lab in order to learn and recognize object in an automatic process.

I will be in Taiwan in october to learn chinese in Taipei, and I'm interested in having a job in game development. If you need a motivated game developer, don't hesitate to contact me.

I can be contacted via email.